The Beacon Hill Estate – Wild Horses’ Spirit and Grandeur

luxury holiday harbour island bahamas

Welcome to the Beacon Hill Estate, the epitome of luxury vacation rental on Harbour Island, Bahamas. This ultra-luxury waterfront rental promises an unforgettable stay amidst breathtaking views. With its vibrant pink hues and lush tropical surroundings, the estate invites guests to Paint It Black and escape into a world of opulence. As the sun sets, the iconic Pink Gazebo becomes the perfect spot to dance under the Midnight Rambler, enjoying the sea for miles and miles.

Nestled within the world-famous ‘Narrows,’ this luxury vacation rental provides Sympathy for the Devil’s allure of privacy and exclusivity. The sprawling 2.5-acre property showcases a 300ft bay side waterfront, offering a picturesque backdrop for breathtaking sunsets, especially during the Ruby Tuesday evenings. Guests can sway to the rhythm of the Caribbean waves and find Satisfaction as they relax on the 80′ sunset veranda.

A Captivating Transformation as the Sun Sets...

The ‘At Night’ video captures the essence of luxury vacation living at The Beacon Hill Estate. The interplay of light and shadow transforms the estate into a nocturnal oasis, where sophistication meets natural beauty. This enchanting scene, a testament to the harmony of luxury and nature, reflects the heart of Harbour Island’s charm.

The Beacon Hill Estate houses not just luxury, but a Wild Horses’ spirit and grandeur. With five buildings that dot the landscape, the property promises a comfortable and spacious stay. The estate boasts five king suites and one queen suite in the dock house, ensuring ample space for the entire crew. The main house, Bridge of Sighs, connects to the Dock House through an aquarium ‘draw-bridge’ entrance. This luxury vacation rental is a Sweet Virginia of escape, offering the luxury and comfort that guests crave. For an unforgettable getaway, book your stay at and experience the Rolling Stones’ lifestyle at the Beacon Hill Estate.