Welcome to The Beacon Hill Estate

A private estate nestled in the scenic beauty of The Narrows on Harbour Island, Bahamas

The dock at the Beacon Hill Estate is newly built, 120ft long x 10ft wide; it has good water, around 6-8ft deep and can accommodate a decent size boat.

It’s a great place to start your  ‘deep sea’ fishing, ‘bone fishing’ and other water-based sporting activities. Dolphins pass by and sometimes Manatees are a welcome visitor to the dock.

There are FIVE main buildings nestled in the dense foliage at the Beacon Hill Estate. The location, and the ‘gorilla gardening’ makes for a very private experience.

  • The Main House
  • The Guest House
  • The Master Suite
  • The Pool House
  • The Dock House.
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luxury getaways private island holidays Bahamas pink gazebo

The Pink Gazebo sits high with views over the bay side where the sunsets are simply breath-taking. It’s a great place to have your first coffee also your first sundowner.

It’s often been said that “this is the best spot on Harbour Island”.

“I can see for miles…”

 Up on Beacon Hill, you are hidden away from view BUT uniquely in a perfect position to watch the boats go by as you nod off into one of those well-earned ‘Harbour Island snoozes”.

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We call it the ‘draw-bridge’… it’s actually just a bridge that crosses the aquarium into the entrance of the Main House. It was inspired by the original Pink Sands hotel entrance which dates back to the 50s – a very cool vibe. 

A wide expanse of inside living, opens up to the giant west and east terraces. The Main House is kept completely open as long as the weather permits, allowing an unhindered view through the house and also a gentle breeze to keep us cool. There is full AC just-in-case.

Luxury Villa rental vacation Bahamas main house
Luxury Villa rental vacation Bahamas terrace

The two daybeds were designed, or rather reimagined, from the Pink Sands hotel design back in the late 90s. The view and the breeze passing through the house can easily put you into a trance.

100s of miniature lights around the property illuminate the home and the garden for a dreamy evening mood.

Luxury private villa rental holiday Bahamas private pool
Luxury private villa rental holiday Bahamas private estate

The bridge was a fun addition to the property; it has been designed to make you feel as if you are walking on water.  Over 1000 guppies live in the pond.

The Pool House is pretty much where everyone ‘hangs out’. It’s a great spot with great views over the bay, and of course has a full bar and kitchen.

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Luxury private villa rental holiday Bahamas hippo

Gloria, Beacon Hill’s resident Hippo sits proudly in the corner gazing or rather ‘hypnotising’ the guests…

All bathrooms at Beacon Hill are marble from floor to ceiling. This is the Master Suite bathroom; it’s rather ’spa-like’  and exceptionally spacious.

The Master Suite bedroom with IPE floors, mahogany windows and doors work well with the ‘Global Traveller Vibe’…

Bespoke hand carved tables and chairs adorn The Beacon Hill Estate.

Luxury private villa rental vacation Bahamas dining

A thick slab of ‘African fusion-esk’ granite lies atop a hand made bespoke and locally handcrafted IPE kitchen which blends the tradition of Harbour Island (Briland) with an abundance of modern facilities required for modern living.

Lordy’s Bar at The Pool House bar… the less said the better… but this is where stories unfold, legends are made, and the evening can easily spill over to the early morning.

luxury villa rental Bahamas private island sunsets

Sunsets at the Pink Gazebo. Almost every evening, there is a new spectacular panorama, so many colours, so many hues, …and so many cocktails to choose from…

The shutters, or ‘louvres’ as they are called by the local Bahamian carpenters who made them, are a classic Bahamian design element and have been modernised to allow more of the OUTside IN…

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The Hot Air Balloon Bar, all part of the ‘Global Traveller Vibe”…

Pineapple table legs. There are only two like this in the whole world, both are at Beacon Hill; one on the east terrace and one on the west terrace…

Perfectly private, and seductively secluded….